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I Am Johann Berby,
An Experienced Career And Life Coach Based In Estonia

I am an international musician, coach, publisher, and successful entrepreneur.

My journey started when I began making over 120,000€ per year with my online music school.

From there, I decided to share my expertise and help other entrepreneurs reach their full potential and achieve the life of their dreams.

I am passionate about personal development, career development, financial management, health and wellness, relationships, and productivity and efficiency, and I  integrate these themes into my coaching and publishing work.

I am also the Co-CEO of an Estonian IT company specializing in Google Workspace.

With my guidance and support, you can start improving your life, finding your purpose, and creating the life you want.

Get ready to feel heard, valued, and supported as you embark on your journey towards success and fulfillment.

“I Coach People To Overcome Obstacles Standing Between Them And Their Greatness.”

Johann Berby
My Program

Face To Face & Remote One On One Bespoke Coaching Programs

Unlock your full potential with my personalized coaching programs.

Whether you prefer face-to-face or remote sessions,

I will work with you to develop a bespoke plan that fits your unique needs and goals.

Together, we will explore your inner strengths and unlock the tools you need to achieve success in personal development, career growth, financial management, health and wellness, relationships, and productivity.

Discover the power of coaching and explore my programs today.

Why Work With Me

Over 15 Years Of Experience

I started my journey in 2008, in France, one of the most complicated country in the world to be an entrepreneur.

Experience & expertise

With years of hands-on work and numerous success stories, I have the know-how to guide you towards your goals.

Bespoke Coaching Programs

Tailored, personalized coaching programs to help you achieve your unique goals with confidence and support

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